Trust the Process

Welcome to “Lynn Me Your Ear” blog. I decided to start writing a monthly blog to share with my readers lessons learned, practical information, and encourage you along life’s journey. In my book The Quandary: Feeling Responsible for What’s Not Mine (pick up your copy today on my website or Amazon) is about breaking the cycle to codependent, dysfunctional relationships, create an action plan to demonstrate new behaviors, and begin to make yourself a priority.

This month’s blog is focusing on the significance of embracing the process and how to navigate through it. Many times, we overlook the journey of the process in anticipation of arriving at the destination. We’re more concerned about getting out the test that we don’t learn the lessons or observe the daily blessings in the process. The journey is designed to be observed and appreciated. It’s in the process where we’re able to see the transformation of thoughts, hearts being liberated, creative ideas being birthed or the release of bondage.

One of the chapters in my book “Trust the Process” I describe it as being on the biggest roller coaster in the world going at the slowest speed possible. When you’re an onlooker, it appears fun, thrilling, and adventurous. But, when it’s your life going through the process with ups, downs, twists and turns you begin to have a different perspective. Everyone’s process is unique. You can’t compare your journey to anyone else even if they appear similar externally. Below are steps to embrace navigating your process.

Steps to getting through the process:

· Accept it, don’t resist or back up

· Don’t rush to get out of it

· Ask for wisdom

· Don’t complain

· Learn the lesson

The process is the place/gap between where you just left and arriving at your predestined destination. It’s an in-between, unfamiliar place that often feels uncomfortable but if you just trust the journey and embrace it you will be amazed at the new insights you discover. Identify ways that will help you to navigate the process. I love to journal, because it’s therapeutic and allows me to express myself without being judged. Maybe your method is taking a long walk, drawing, cooking, cleaning or volunteering. Invest in you and allow yourself to embrace the scenery of your process enroute to your destined place.

Sarita Lynn



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